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Outbreak of the moment, how many aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers status?

Time:2021-04-14 10:26:06Click:

       Severely affected by the epidemic this year, not only are many aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers experiencing problems, but the entire industry chain is also implicated. Today, Dongsheng Die-casting is here to tell you the true situation of many aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers?
       Affected by the epidemic today, many entrepreneurs are living by tightening their belts. Orders are also very unstable. There are orders, insufficient staff, production cannot keep up, and delivery time cannot keep up. However, there are personnel, and the company's orders are not saturated, resulting in high costs. To this end, Dongsheng Die Casting has also introduced some automated production equipment this year to solve some of the current status quo faced by enterprises. Automated production can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce labor production costs, and meet order delivery and quality stability. Realize low-cost, high-quality customized aluminum alloy die castings.