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The role of die casting mould for automobile industry

Time:2021-04-14 10:27:00Click:

       The production of die-casting molds is of great help to my country's construction industry. Under the premise of rapid industrial development in recent years, the development of mold design and manufacturing technology in China has experienced the embryonic stage of manual workshop manufacturing, the rapid development of industrial production and products The competitive stage and the competitive stage of modern production. For industries where the demand for die-casting molds is relatively large, the automobile manufacturing industry is doing its part.       
       With the development of the automobile industry at a growth rate of more than 20%, the number of mold companies and mold products entering the automotive field has increased significantly over the previous year. Automobile companies have also put forward higher requirements for the quality of mold products, prompting mold companies to step up improvement and continuously improve their standards. At the same time, due to the substantial increase in mold exports, it has also greatly promoted the improvement of the mold level.