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Dongsheng casting factory to give you a brief introduction of the history of die casting

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       Dongguan Die Casting Factory would like to introduce to you. In 1838, in order to make movable type printing molds, people invented die casting equipment. A patent related to die-casting was issued in 1849. It is a small manual machine used to produce typefaces for printing presses. In 1885, Otto Mergenthaler (Otto Mergenthaler) invented the Linotype typesetting machine, which can die-cast a whole line of text into a single type, which brought a new change to the printing world. After the printing industry entered large-scale industrialization, the traditional hand-pressed fonts have been replaced by die-casting. Around 1900, the entry of typesetting into the market further improved the automation technology of the printing industry, so sometimes more than a dozen die-casting machines can be seen in newspapers. With the continuous growth of consumer products, Otto's invention has gained more and more applications. People can use die-casting to manufacture parts and components in large quantities. In 1966, General Dynamics invented the precision die-casting process, which is sometimes called double-punch die-casting.
       The die-casting industry in Europe, the United States and other countries is based on the purpose of quality, reasonable benefits, service to users, and establishment of corporate reputation. It organizes and educates employees and manages the enterprise. With each die-casting project, the Dongguan die-casting plant controls and manages its production process Unit to control and ensure the quality and performance of each die-casting. These factors have caused a large gap between the domestic industry and these developed countries.
With the transfer of the die-casting industry to my country, it has not only expanded the production capacity of my country’s die-casting industry, but also improved the overall level of my country’s die-casting industry, increased the visibility of my country’s die-casting industry, and increased the international market share of our products. However, because my country's die-casting products ignore the problems of industrial structure and production capacity in the development process, my country's die-casting industry has fallen into a stagnant dilemma.
        Dongguan Die-casting Plant Up to now, the overall marketing level of China's die-casting enterprises is still in the early stage of the world, without brand establishment, technological innovation capabilities, let alone control of the industrial chain. For my country's die-casting industry, only by changing ideas, innovating and developing, and adjusting the industrial structure can we gradually get out of the predicament and make my country's die-casting industry develop better.