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Die casting components market under globalization

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       Nowadays, when the foundry faces many challenges, the die-casting process has become an economical and effective method for manufacturing structural parts.
       What is the impact of globalization on the industry? What are the challenges facing the foundry? The cooperation of enterprises in the industry on modern manufacturing technology may be a solution.
       Magnesium and aluminum light metal die castings are an important part of the car body and chassis. These parts can be manufactured by die-casting, and die-casting parts can also meet the needs in terms of lightweight structure, strength and crash performance, and they can be completely recycled when they reach the end of their service life. And one of the advantages of die-casting technology is that the die-casting process can produce various functional parts according to the requirements of different geometric shapes, local reinforcement or thinning of the wall thickness.
Strong market growth
       Experts predict that the die-casting structural parts market will continue to grow strongly in the next few years. The overall global demand for automotive die castings is expected to increase from US$7.5 billion in 2015 to nearly US$12 billion in 2021. The average annual growth rate from 2016 to 2021 is expected to exceed 7.8%. Industry faces challenges
      Automobile manufacturers require suppliers not only to be punctual, but also to consistently deliver high-quality parts. And they hope that suppliers can set up factories to produce their own parts near the automakers. This requirement has become an influencing factor and challenge that the die casting plant must consider.
      In addition, the "globalization" factor is also one of the challenges. Under globalization, mature auto suppliers must deal with the strong international competition brought about by active emerging companies.
       Die-casting structural parts have large surface area and thin thickness, which is different from the production process of steel and aluminum plates and profiles. This has also become another challenge for the die casting plant.